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  • Lessons For Healthy Living - Homeschool Curriculum Upgrade

    • 700+ Page Comprehensive PDF Curriculum on CD-ROM • "You Can Do This!" Quick Start Guide - Professionally Designed with Integrated Video and Text - 35 Weeks of Lessons for up to 3 School classes (Health, Bible, Elective) Read More
  • A Nation Adrift DVD

    This is the true story of how God’s sovereign hand guided the founders of America. It takes you on a journey… from Christopher Columbus to Jamestown… from Valley Forge to the Constitutional Convention… from the Civil War to the Stock Market Crash… from FDR to the present. Read More

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  • Bankruptcy of Our Nation (Revised & Expanded) Book

    "It's no secret that the U.S. national debt is in the tens of trillions. But did you know that America also has future unfunded obligations of over $118 trillion? Unfortunately, America's politicians have no plan to solve our mounting fiscal and monetary crisis. Read More

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  • Dual Citizenship Book

    Duel citizenship examines the case of a twentieth century president who flagrantly violated moral and ethical guidelines of leadership. Read how to apply Biblical guidelines in dealing with unjust leaders. Christians are to be known by their love, but sometimes expressing that love involves asking for accountability. Read More

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  • Escaping Common Core DVD

    “Common Core” is the new label for top-down, bureaucratically controlled public education standards in an ongoing attempt to “dumb down” the American educational system, a struggle that has raged for nearly 200 years. Common Core is a deficient education designed to produce the “common herd” workforce for the New World Order. Read More

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  • IndoctriNation Book

    Look behind the comfortable myths of an educational system actively at work to alter your child’s moral values, worldview, and religious beliefs. Read More

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  • IndoctriNation: Public Schools & the Decline of Christianity in America DVD

    Focusing on the Marxist associations with the origins of schools, issues of sex education, physical safety from gunmen, whether Christians in schools can ever be "salt and light," whether public schools are politically neutral, and finally whether the public school system can be redeemed, Indoctrination dives into the heart of the Homeschool-Only debate with this part-documentary, part-testimonial DVD. Read More
  • Let My Children Go DVD

    American schools are the best funded in the world yet the students rank at the bottom.

    Read More

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  • Life Of Our Heroes 5 Book Series

    Each book in the “Life of Our Heroes” biography series is a meticulously scanned reprint of an 19th century original. The handsome hardback covers are designed to appear slightly worn, while thicker parchment-like pages even have rough edges. This handsome, five-book set has the look of a treasure discovered in Grandpa's attic. Read More

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  • The American Dream DVD

    This animated film shows you how you've been scammed by the most basic elements of our government system. This takes an entertaining but hard hitting look at how the problems we have today are nothing new, and why leaders throughout our history have warned us and fought against the current type of financial system we have in America today. Read More

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  • The Founders Bible (Hardcover) NASB

    America stands at the crossroads of human history, once revered and respected throughout the world for its exceptionalism, a gleaming “city set on a hill” as a beacon of enduring freedom, now reviled, its influence reduced, teetering on the brink of disaster. . . . If ever there was a desperate need for us to look back and rediscover the vision, the passion, and the wisdom of those who laid the glorious foundations, it is now! Read More

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  • The Genius of Ancient Man Book

    All over the world there are similar findings of ancient religions, cities and towers, world travel, advanced astronomy, and civilized government. Over the course of two years, a team of researchers from Jackson Hole Bible College has worked to bring together the different pieces of the convoluted mystery and history of ancient man. Read More

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