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  • A Lamp in The Dark DVD

    - Enter into a world of saints and martyrs battling against spies, assassins and wolves in sheep's clothing - Unfolds the fascinating "untold" history of the Bible - Reveals critical information often overlooked in modern histories - Filled with rich visual graphics and dramatic re-enactments of key historic events Read More
  • God's Story: From Creation to Eternity DVD

    The Bible, illustrated and narrated from Genesis to Revelation. Read More

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  • Mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls DVD

    Mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls will take you a fascinating journey and give you a firm grasp of God's sovereign hand behind the preservation of the Bible and the unfolding of history. Read More
  • Religion Vs. Christianity DVD

    Dramatic footage from around the world. Christianity compared with other religious philosophies.

    Read More
  • Revealing God's Treasure DVD

    This DVD covers the five major discoveries of Noah's ark, Sodom and Gomorrah, Mount Sinai in Arabia, the Red Sea crossing and the Ark of the Covenant, with over four hours of video this breathtaking adventure gives unmistakable evidence to the validity of the Biblical accounts of History. Read More

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  • Tares Among The Wheat DVD

    The History of the Bible, Protestant movement and revolt against Catholicism. In the 19th century, a revolution in biblical scholarship was prompted by the publication of a never-before-seen manuscript called Codex Sinaiticus. The work was allegedly “discovered” by a German scholar named Constantine von Tischendorf, who declared this to be the oldest Bible ever found. Tischendorf said he found the work in a rubbish basket at a Greek Orthodox monastery in Egypt. While many in the academic world did not fully believe his story, they were willing to accept his claims about the antiquity of the codex. Read More

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  • The Feasts of the Lord (2-Disc DVD)

    Would you like to know the specific day of the Lord’s return?

    Pastor Mark Biltz of El Shaddai Ministries believes he knows – the exact day, if not the specific year.

    This 2-Disc set is the most important presentation for today's Christians. Why are the feasts of the Lord important? Because they are the dress rehearsals and roadmap of the Lord's divine intervention with human kind. Read More

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  • The Forbidden Book DVD

    The Forbidden Book History of the English Bible. Discover how a few brave men, like John Wycliffe, William Tyndale and Martin Luther, obeyed God and brought the Scriptures to the world. Read More
  • The Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers DVD

    Perhaps the first and only documentary to go where no film has ever gone before, confronting the little known beliefs of America’s founders. Conservative Christian leaders often claim that the revolutionaries were godly men who were trying to build a Christian nation. But was their faith the true faith of the Bible? Or is it possible that the exact opposite is true? Read More

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  • The Seventh Day 5-DVD Set

    Hal Holbrook hosts this television documentary that traces the history of the Sabbath through the ages and around the world. This thoroughly documented series features interviews with over 50 experts, classical art, animations, and dramatic reenactments. Read More

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  • The Untold History of the Bible DVD

    This newly edited version is about half the length of the three hour original. It has been designed as a concise witnessing tool, while preserving the vital insights and dramatic integrity of the original. Read More

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